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America de Nord

Numarul 1 / 10 august 2004 / saptamanal de politica internationala / publicatie personala / Realizator: Nicu Ilie
Update (Numarul in lucru)    

Statuia Libertatii s-a redeschis ENG
New York's 'Lady Liberty' reopens
Descriptori: SUA, 11 septembrie, turism

The Statue of Liberty has been opened to the public for the first time since the 11 September 2001 attacks. The ceremony took place amid a heightened terror alert, but New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was right not to postpone it. "To stay home and lock our doors is what the terrorists want", he said, and Americans would not be "coerced". Millions of dollars of donations have been raised to install a state-of-the- art security system for the landmark.

CIA este preocupata de tacerea teroristilor ITA

Una drastica riduzione delle comunicacazioni tra presunti terroristi islami ci ha messo in allarme l'Intelligence Usa si teme che un attentato sia alle porte. Lo rende noto il sito Internet della
Cnn. Le intercettazioni telefoniche e di e-mail tra persone tenute sotto controllo dall'antiterrorismo sono da alcuni giorni ridotte al minimo. La stessa cosa accadde prima degli attentati dell'11 settembre 2001.

Criza de securitate la Los Alamos ENG
Security crisis at Los Alamos

The apparent disappearance of classified computer disks from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico is the latest in a spate of security lapses at the USA's largest and foremost nuclear weapons laboratory.

As a result of the latest security crisis at the laboratory, Spencer Abraham, secretary of the US Department of Energy (DoE), has suspended all classified work, with the exception of critical missions and essential national security functions, an unprecedented move in the laboratory's 61-year history, until it is determined "that the newly implemented corrective actions provide for complete and verifiable custodial control of such media".
As of 15 July, LANL could not account for an estimated 20 pieces of classified removable electronic media (CREM). The situation was deemed serious enough for Abraham to initially ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate the disappearance of the disks, which contain important information related to experiments conducted by LANL's weapons physics directorate.
LANL director Pete Nanos has also warned employees that the laboratory will close down unless the spectacular series of security and safety breaches is halted. He added that the incidents had caused potentially irreparable damage to the facility. In addition to the suspension on paid leave of 19 employees, the revocation of security clearances held by some LANL scientists is also being considered.
Security breaches in recent years have included classified information being downloaded and taken outside the laboratory; several serious failures of force-on-force security drills; more than 200 computers stolen or otherwise missing; two hard drives containing a veritable encyclopedia of known weapons designs disappearing and reappearing behind a copying machine amidst an FBI investigation; officials misplacing a disk with classified information and being unable to locate it for weeks - and the loss of two vials of plutonium.
Even more serious in an era of international terrorism, LANL personnel misplaced two keys to Technical-Area 18, a site that contains highly enriched uranium and plutonium. The DoE considers this site highly vulnerable to attack by would-be terrorists.
© Jane's Intelligence

Preturi mai mici la avioane pe relatia SUA-China ENG

Travelers flying between the United States and China often complain of a shortage of seats and pricey tickets, but a new deal is expected to change all this.
A recently signed bilateral agreement between the two countries will open up the skies and fuel a five-fold increase in the number of weekly flights between China and the U.S.


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