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Extremul Orient

Numarul 1 / 10 august 2004 / saptamanal de politica internationala / publicatie personala / Realizator: Nicu Ilie
Update (Numarul in lucru)    

Rachetele nord-coreene pot atinge Statele Unite ENG
NK missiles 'can now reach
Descriptori: Coreea de Nord, SSN6

North Korea is deploying two new missile systems which could enable it to threaten the continental United States for the first time, Jane's Defense Weekly has reported.
U.S. officials had previously claimed that North Korea was developing missiles, based on the Soviet
submarine-launched SSN6, which were capable of hitting the United States.

Iranul neaga speculatiile conform carora a ajutat Coreea de Sud sa isi testeze noile rachete ENG

that it was providing test sites for North Korean long-range missiles designed to deliver nuclear warheads, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported. A Bush administration official claimed earlier that North Korea was getting around a self-imposed missile test ban by sharing technology information with Iran, which the official said is carrying out missile tests on Pyongyang's behalf.

China: Macel la gradinita ENG
Man goes on kindergarten rampage

'A gatekeeper at a kindergarten in Beijing slashed 16 of the school's children and three teachers with a kitchen knife Wednesday, killing one student and leaving the rest of them terrorized and 'covered in blood,' news reports said.
The child died in hospital and two others suffered 'serious injuries' in the attack at a kindergarten affiliated with Peking University in the Chinese capital, according to the Web site

Revolta antijaponeza in China provocata de infrangerea la fotbal ENG
Chinese riot after Japan victory

Chinese football fans have rioted in Beijing after Japan won Asia's prized football championship in a tense final Fans burned a Japanese flag, shouted obscenities and sang patriotic songs outside the stadium as more than 5,000 police lined the streets. Defending champions Japan won the Asia Cup 3-1, but faced jeers from Chinese fans throughout the match. Many Chinese feel Japan has not atoned for its brutal occupation in the 1930s and aggression during World War II.

Violentele au fost reluate in Kashmir FRA

Cachemire: plusieurs fusillades opposant des separatistes islamistes aux forces de securite indiennes ont fait au moins 12 morts, dont 6 soldats, vendredi, ont annonce les autorites samedi. Au moins 22 personnes sont mortes cette semaine dans un regain de violence au Cachemire.


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